But, who are we?

The Merkado team is the most important asset we can offer you. We all have our multidisciplinary skillset and our individual expertise. But when we work together that’s were we go from being good to being indispensable.


We are your intrepid marketplace partner, striving to deliver complete unburdening and strong results.


Together we’ll discover what your priorities are, how we’ll make them match your ambitions and set up a strategy to tackle your challenges.

Meet our team members

Maxence Vercruysse


This bilingual E-commerce wizard just spent 2.5 years working at bol.com, guiding companies through their first steps on the biggest platform of the Benelux. His expertise in sales and marketplaces will help your business reach new heights.
Maxence - Merkado

Frank Laenens


This E-commerce strategist, with experience in sales and project management, always looks for the most convenient and cost-efficient solution for his clients. Ready to hold your hand on the marketplace rollercoaster.

Pieter Lauryssen

Senior Marketer

This marketeer artisan is the proud father of the Belgian Beer Factory and is our go-to Amazon expert. Master of already having a solution before the question is asked.

Florent De Deken

Marketplace Consultant

This always curious go-getter is the newest member of the Merkado squad. With experience in marketing and having managed a whole team at a McDonalds, he knows exactly how to set ambitious goals and achieve them.

Maurane Van Merode

Marketplace Consultant

With a passion for creating compelling strategies and building lasting relationships with clients, Maurane is committed to delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations.

Sander Manneke

Technical Marketer & Strategist

This IT T-rex hovers between programming, E-commerce and data-analyses. A unique mix that makes him indispensable in our infrastructure building. He literally makes the magic happen.

Manu Labarbe

Sales and Marketing

This never-bearded authority on marketing strategies is always challenging the status quo. That's why we made him responsible for business, product and marketing management.

Thomas Struijk

Finance Manager

This data driven business analist, with strapping financial and commercial background, will power our financial setup. After all, your financial result is all that counts.

Matthias Laqueur

Marketplace Strategist

This marketplace & marketing virtuoso designs unique strategies based on analytical insights. With his vision we'll take you where you've never gone before.

Thomas Van Thillo

Marketplace Consultant

This one kneads strength and strategy together, proving that success in our field is part bakery magic, part gym hustle. As a bodybuilder and coming from a long line of bakers, he doesn't just meet your expectations, he lifts them.

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Are you a brand owner, wholesaler or retailer? Or do you simply have a big range of products that you want to sell on marketplaces? In our free marketplace potential scan, we evaluate your current situation and look at your business‘s potential on marketplaces. We will start by asking you a few questions about you and your organisation. This way our approach will be tailor-made !