We help you set up or optimise your marketplaces sales on Bol, Amazon, Decathlon, Zalando, ..

Your complete strategic & executive marketplace partner. First we map your potential, then we go get it.

Marketplaces are here to stay, get on board and let Merkado be your captain.

Why wouldn’t you show your products in the biggest shopping window of the world?  Why would you lose time to analyse your product range and implement correct pricing, if we can do that for you? Why would you only think local if you have the opportunity to act global? Let us tell you why; at the moment you lack time, knowledge and experience to boost your marketplace sales.

Let us close that gap, let’s grow together.

Two ways of working with us…

Merkado has two main ways of integrating into your organization – by augmenting
existing teams or by getting you started on marketplaces altogether.

Merkado Consultancy

You don’t need full time people all the time. Whatever role you need us to play, you engage us in the way you prefer. In need of someone with legal skills? Or marketing skills? Or both? Merkado provides the right expert, in sync with your specific needs.

Merkado Agency

Merkado Agency helps your brand by delivering a complete marketplace team. Our team is here to help you from A to Z. We fully integrate, onboard, and market your brand across marketplaces like Bol.com, Amazon, Zalando, and many others.

Ready to get on board?

Take the risk or lose the chance. The magic always happens beyond your comfort zone !


Implementing marketplaces in your growth strategy has an enormous potential. Merkado can help you map & seize this opportunity and make you find your way in the e-commerce jungle.


We are proud to announce our official cooperation with these industry experts.

Happy Clients

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