Existing Sellers

You are already active on marketplaces, but you have the feeling that you aren’t living up to your potential? It’s not easy to manage your e-commerce flow when you are busy kicking ass on many different levels. This is why Merkado is here to evaluate your marketplace story and make it into a fairytale.

Managing your marketplaces is labor intense, customers expect: free shipping, quick delivery, the lowest prices and customer care on a daily basis. With our marketplace potential scan we will take a deep dive in your current situation. What are you doing now, and what can you do in the future.  With our knowledge and experience , Merkado can implement optimizations that will skyrocket your sales, while keeping track of your expenses.

Our Marketplace Toolset

We have our marketplace toolbox, where we look for the perfect mix of tools to get your marketplaces booming. We take you from a beginner level all the way up to a die hard e-commerce professional. 

Optimize Infrastructure

Make sure that your clients, never try to buy something while you are out of stock. We optimize your infrastructure so you have the most efficient warehouse system and organization out there.

Advanced Reporting

We keep you up to speed with data to support our decisions. The data we use is a combination of internal and external sources. By doing so, we have a complete picture and everything is taken into consideration

Marketplace Ads

With smart advertising Merkado will make it impossible for consumers to ignore your products. If bany chance, the keyword is relevant to your business, we will ensure your products show up.

Content Optimization

Merkado will add new products and improve your current product information. Our goal is to make sure your products can be found by potential clients.

Pricing & Promotions

We take care of your gross margin analysis. Merkado helps you analyze your profitability across products, campaigns, brands, product groups, and marketplace channels in real-time. While managing campaigns on profit instead of revenue. 

New Marketplaces

Most people know the big e-commerce platforms, but there are a lot of niche platforms where your products can shine. We onboard you on multiple platforms, to expand your reach. We set up your new accounts and make sure legal and inventory bases are tackled.

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The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Don’t take our word for it, but have a taste of our work instead.

Instaspares Case

Getting 15.000 products listed on 11 marketplaces was not easy.    However, we were able to multiply sales by ten. You want to know how? Download the case. 

Download the case here:

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    Implementing marketplaces in your growth strategy has an enormous potential. We can help you seize this opportunity and make you find your way in the e-commerce jungle.

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