Marketing Automation Specialist

We’re looking for someone who knows his/her way around the next items:

  • Proficiency in working with one or more of well known marketing automation platforms (Hubspot, Marketo, ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, ..)
  • Lead scoring has no secrets for you.
  • You know how to set up advanced audience segmentation, based on a combination of : 
    • Transactional information (e.g. RFM, AOV, propensity to buy, ..)
    • Behavioral information (e.g. product viewed, add to basket, ..)
    • Demographical information (e.g., distance to POS, ..)
    • … But you probably already knew this.
  • You recognize the type of content that convinces a customer and love to join content marketing brainstorms together with our content marketers.
  • You know how to brief copywriters and designers for your email & paid media flows. 
  • You know what an ideal landing page looks like. 
  • You understand how a customer journey works. And that it does not make sense to call a lead 5 times after they’ve downloaded a whitepaper. 
  • You know which KPIs to influence. You have experience with reporting on these as well. 
  • A basic understanding of HTML/CSS is a huge win! But it is in no way a prerequisite. 

Your profile

  • When you see an opportunity, you can’t be stopped. Taking the initiative is in your blood.
  • It’s in your nature to keep up with new developments within data & digital. 
  • You love to tell stories. Making others understand why your message is important drives you. Either by presenting or writing in Dutch and English. French is also a plus.
  • You don’t like to be another radar in the works. Seeing the bigger picture, analyzing problems as a whole, and finding logical solutions put a smile on your face.
  • You have an organized schedule and thrive when you’re able to choose what steps you’re going to take at what moment.
  • You don’t believe in ready-made answers; that’s why you look for tailor-made approaches to every problem.
  • Making mistakes is human. But when you do, you own up and are honest about it. The solution is more important than the cause.

Don’t worry if you didn’t tick off every single point above. If we wanted that, we should’ve contacted Superman.

Maybe we’ll be everything you love and nothing you don’t

There are a million reasons to love us, though we believe these will do the trick

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